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Roy Edwards


  • Inducted in 1998 (Whitby Dunlops 1958)
  • Team

A rising young goaltender with aspirations toward a professional hockey career and a very good chance of realizing his ambitions, Roy Edwards was obtained from the Windsor Bulldogs of the OHL Senior loop as insurance to back up regular goalie John Henderson.

He played his first organized hockey with Caledonia Juvenile B and moved to Paris to play Junior B. He was then scouted by the Chicago Blackhawks who moved him to St. Catharines to play Junior A. When he graduated from Junior A, Edwards moved to Fort Wayne Comets of the International league, but spent only a short time there before being sent back to the Windsor Bulldogs as insurance for the regular goalie, Marv Edwards.

After the World Championships, Roy played for Chicago pro affiliates, was drafted by Pittsburgh in the 1967 expansion, then traded to Detroit, and retired from hockey in 1972.

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