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Recognizing contributions to athletic excellence offers wide-ranging acclaim to the inductees and benefits to the community at large

Athletics offers many opportunities for participants and spectators alike to socialize with their neighbours and meet other members of the community at local sporting venues. Sports also provides individuals with outlets to learn and develop skills, express themselves, raise their self-esteem and, in many cases, achieve recognition on a regional, provincial, national and/or international level.

This fosters the creation of positive role models, who in turn will encourage and empower youth to get involved in sports, lead active and healthy lifestyles, and strive for excellence as well.

Through its recognition of local sports talent and their associated acclaim, the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame instills a lasting sense of pride in the community. The accomplishments of our local athletes, teams, coaches, builders, and media personalities generate local and worldwide attention for our Town, and leave indelible marks on all those who have supported, witnessed, or interacted with our inductees.

The Whitby Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1997 with the express mandate to recognize and honour the names and the accomplishments of individuals or teams who have brought fame to both this community and to themselves through their athletic prowess and/or contributions to sports.

The Whitby Sports Hall of Fame is a non-profit, community organization, guided by a Board of Directors who function primarily to ensure that the objectives of the Hall’s mandate come to fruition. All committee members volunteer their time to this organization.

All sports and athletic activities are celebrated. Whitby has a long history of success in athletics and it can be assured that the Hall will continue its tradition of celebrating our athletes and their accomplishments for generations to come.

Board of Directors

Rocky Gualtieri

George Clay
Vice President

Stacy Novack

Dallas Knowles

Jerry Cardwell

Committee Members

Bill Blea

Lisa Suddons

Lisa Suddons

Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton

Blair Hardy

Amy Knowles

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