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Gerry Bracey

Track & Field

  • Inducted in 1999
  • Athlete

While attending Whitby High School, Gerry earned several Track & Field awards including the Overall Points Trophy, the 440-yard race trophy, and the Mile race trophy (3 times each) as well as the Senior Championship (twice).

He competed in over 100 middle-distance events from 1946 to 1949 at the High School, Provincial, National, and open levels. Some of his significant successes were accomplished in the 880-yard events (1st Place – 1947 Junior Olympic Trials; 1st Place – 1948 Dominion Interscholastic Championships; 1st Place – 1948 Canadian Junior Championships), the Mile Relay (1st Place – 1948 Canadian Junior Championships and 2nd Place – 1949 Canadian Junior Championships) and 1,000-yard events (2nd Place – 1949 Hamilton Indoor Games; 3rd Place – 1949 Canadian Junior Championships).

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